How Does Cooling Accelerate Healing?

Therapeutic cooling has been proven to reduce pain, swelling, bleeding & bruising after surgical procedures. The immediate application of cold therapy is beneficial for reducing post-operative swelling by constricting the capillary vessels and slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured or operated area. Furthermore, cooling reduces secondary hypoxic injury. When tissue is injured (surgically or otherwise), the oxygen supply to the tissue is reduced, while the oxygen needs of the tissue increase (Fig 1). The ensuing oxygen deficit causes secondary hypoxic injury, or additional tissue injury, tissue death, and swelling. Controlled therapeutic cooling reduces the metabolic needs of the injured tissue (Fig 2), thereby reducing the secondary hypoxic injury.

Additionally, cooling is a natural pain reliever. Patients benefit from cold therapy’s anesthetic effect on the nerves, which helps reduce the sensation of pain and discomfort, and provides a soothing, refreshing, and relaxing feeling to the injured or operated area. Because cold therapy helps to restore strength, mobility and range of motion more quickly, patients may reduce their hospital stay and feel better sooner. Reduced swelling and inflammation will lead to less tension on sutures and therefore a reduction of scar tissue formation.

The AqueCool Controlled Cooling System™ automates and optimizes the cooling process allowing you to rest comfortably.

Typical Post Injury Response Graph Response With Aquecool Graph

How the AqueCool Controlled Cooling System™ Works

The AqueCool Controlled Cooling System™ is a fully-electric cooling pump that uses advanced thermoelectric technology to cool water and maintain it within a temperature range that is always safe, and always therapeutic (50 - 65°F). The AqueCool™ circulates the cool water through a comfortable, form-fitting Masque™ that is specifically designed to provide targeted, controlled cooling and compression to the critical areas of your face. The Masques contain Aqueduct patent-pending reformable splinting technology to ensure a close, comfortable, repeatable fit. The result is a highly convenient, compact system that provides safe, continuous therapeutic cooling with considerable benefits over traditional cold therapy products like ice packs and gel packs.

Device Tubing

Why Is AqueCool™ Better Than Traditional Cold Therapy?

The use of cold therapy has been proven to provide a host of benefits to patients recovering from surgical procedures, including pain relief, reduction of swelling and bruising. However, cold therapy must be maintained in a safe and therapeutic temperature range so that there is no risk of frostbite, tissue damage, or cold burn on the skin. Also, it must be comfortable and convenient, so that the patient can easily comply with the therapy without discomfort. Aqueduct’s Controlled Cooling Technology constantly maintains the therapy in a safe and therapeutic temperature range, while allowing the patient to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort and compliance. It’s safe for continuous, uninterrupted use, with no risk of frostbite or skin damage.

Comparison of AqueCool and Ice Pack / Gel Pack

Freezer-based solutions like ice and gel packs are uncontrolled and not adjustable: they often begin too cold, and then quickly warm up so as not to provide adequate therapy. These methods must be time-regulated (e.g. 20 min on / 40 min off) to avoid damaging the tissue, which is inconvenient, disruptive, uncomfortable, and very difficult to comply with while sleeping. In contrast, the AqueCool™ is incredibly convenient - no cycling products in and out of the freezer, no going to the store to buy ice. You rest better, and your spouse or caregiver is not burdened with having to change ice packs every hour, particularly at night. The AqueCool Masques™ are specifically designed to provide compression to the most critical areas to help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic drainage.

How long should I use the AqueCool™ after surgery?
Can I use it while I sleep?

The AqueCool™ is safe to be used continuously and does not introduce the risk of frostbite or overcooling like ice-based solutions. The AqueCool™ operates in a temperature range between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit which is both safe and efficacious. Many of our patients report using the AqueCool™ between 10 - 20hrs per day during the first week of surgery, and find using the system soothing to use even in their sleep. The graph below shows feedback received from 30 patients using the AqueCool™ during the first 5 days after surgery.

After what procedures can the AqueCool™ be used?

Aqueduct Medical is focused exclusively on providing the best pain management and wound healing solutions for facial and cosmetic procedures. The AqueCool™ can be used on all procedures where cold therapy is indicated. Please ask your doctor about using the AqueCool™ after your procedure.

How can I get Aqueduct Medical products?

Aqueduct products are currently available through a select group of doctors and surgeons. To find a doctor offering Aqueduct products, please email us at info@aqueductmedical.comor call 877.365.HEAL (4325).

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