Aqueduct Medical is focused on providing controlled cooling solutions after plastic surgery. Our first family of products cool the face and body to help reduce the inflammatory phase of wound healing while at the same time providing a soothing, refreshing therapy that patients love.

Patient Focus

We believe providing exceptional products and service to patients at a reasonable price, is the foundation for success. Our products are constantly being improved through our focus on attaining customer feedback and complying with FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our innovations are protected by 3 patents and we continue to innovate and discover new science to enable patients a faster and more comfortable recovery.


Aqueduct Medical Inc. is a privately held company. Investors include FINAVES II SCR based out of Barcelona, Spain as well as individual doctors and patients that have used our products. For more information regarding current investment opportunities, please contact:

Jeff Barber

665 Third Street, suite 20
San Francisco CA 94107
1.877.365.HEAL (4325)

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